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    Environmental management

    Environmental management is an area that combines business, science, and law into one interdisciplinary field of expertise.

    Environmental managers deal with a wide variety of issues. Auditing industrial facilities for compliance with environmental regulations is just one of them. Environmental managers also help manage the environment in a changing world (climate, water, and energy change). Their expertise is crucial in developing strategies for waste reduction. With the assistance of environmental managers, overseeing opposing regulatory, legal, and technical concerns becomes a routine task. Environmental specialists are most responsible for successful monitoring of hazardous waste disposal for compliance with federal and state regulations.

    A professional environmental manager’s expertise encompasses knowledge and experience from multiple fields. Top-notch specialists are well-versed in various ecological management programs, including laws and policies, environmental economics, corporate responsibility, statistics, and project management. At Hanis Consulting, with years of experience with various clients, we excel in all these areas.

    We can help manage a variety of ecological programs. We have handled the environmental management of investment property portfolios, permitting and compliance for facilities, and remediation portfolios for large industrial properties working through state and federal cleanup programs. We will help take the load off your staff that may not be well-versed in environmental issues, so they can focus on what they do best. Hanis Consulting can also help advise environmental managers within your company.

    Our company also offers fractional environmental management. We recognize the needs of our clients for part-time management, so we designed special quarterly programs. We will audit your facility quarterly and develop an action plan for you to execute. Our program includes full environmental support with calls and meetings. Based on the individualized plan and support we provide, you successfully manage your environment-related issues on a part-time basis. 

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    Environmental Reporting

    Environmental Reporting

    Environmental reporting includes ESG reporting and permit reporting.

    ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting is a form of sustainability reporting for commercial buildings. It aims at showing commitment to protecting the environment and promoting the safety and well-being of the community. At Hanis Consulting, we will assist businesses in understanding and implementing various sustainability reporting standards and help them assure their stakeholders and investors they consistently operate responsibly.

    Our expertise covers permit reporting, as well. We will help our clients manage reports on requirements regarding the treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes.

    Environmental Liability and Risk Assessment

    An environmental risk assessment (ERA) is a process for evaluating how likely the exposure to one or more stressors will impact the environment. The most common environmental stressors that negatively affect the environment are chemicals, invasive species, and climate change.

    The risk to the environment depends on three main factors. In the process of risk assessment, an environmental specialist must first determine how much of a chemical is present in an environmental medium (like soil, air, or water). The next step is evaluating the intensity of contact a person or object has with environmental stressors. Finally, the risk assessor evaluates the inherent toxicity of the chemical and determines the risk to the environment and human health.

    The risk assessment process begins by collecting measurements that characterize the nature and extent of the hazard in the environment. Using the results of the scoping phase, the next step of risk assessment is evaluating the frequency and magnitude of human and environmental exposure to the contaminant. Following these inputs, the risk assessor then estimates the potential consequences of contamination, both now and in the future.

    Environmental Liability and Risk Assessment

    Risk assessment is a scientific process. As such, it should produce accurate, complete, and reliable data on the nature and extent of the contamination. However, the reality is different. The possibility of gathering relevant information on the field is usually limited. In most cases, the risk assessor calculates exposures and uses judgments in calculating risk. That means that the risk assessment can never be completely accurate – the assessment always includes uncertainty. For that reason, professional and fair risk assessors regularly and openly describe all limitations and data deficiencies present in their risk assessment study.

    That leads to the final stage of the risk assessment process – the risk characterization. It includes both quantitative and qualitative descriptions of risk. Given the multiple assessment limitations, as mentioned previously, the risk assessor characterizes how reliable the final risk estimates are.

    Sometimes, the risk assessment is a repetitive process. Based on new information filling previous data gaps, the risk assessors can make more reliable risk assessments.

    Quantifying environmental liability and risk does not have to be a challenge. Since Hanis Consulting works with different clients and a broad range of challenges, we are well equipped to put a number on environmental liability and risk. We know what is likely to happen and what is unlikely. We work through different scenarios, probabilities, and costs to develop a range of costs associated with your liability. We can then use these models to identify cost-effective actions refining the models and reducing your liability.

    Custom Solutions

    Whatever your challenge or situation, we can provide you with a customized solution. We love working with technology and implementing it in everything we do. We can help apply this to your case as well. Our custom solution can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve consistency. We will utilize our expertise and years of experience acquired through high-quality service to our clients. As a result, you will get custom-tailored expert advice and a solution to your specific situation. Contact us about your challenge, and we will discuss a custom solution that fits your objectives.



    Not only does Eric Hanis truly understands the area of environmental, but he is also able to present it in a way that a lay person would be able to comprehend. He is very thorough, thoughtful, and timely.

    Amit Patel

    Hanis consulting solved a sink hole problem at our church that many others weren’t able to find a solution for. They were professional, timely, and had expertise that helped them solve our problem for good. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Mike Willis

    Whenever I am representing a client on a commercial purchase or sale, I encourage them to use Hanis Consulting for their environmental analysis. I know that they will get an honest assessment of any issues and will be assured that if there are problems with the property, that Eric will approach the situation in a manner that will provide resolution. Resolving environmental problems can be extremely costly.
    You want to make sure that you are dealing with someone who will approach the
    situation with honesty and integrity. You can be confident that you will get that in dealing with Eric.

    Erica Minchella, Attorney/President

    Eric is a seasoned professional for any type of property requiring environmental assessment or remediation. He is reliable and qualified.

    Joan Jacobs

    Excellent work and service on a timely basis.

    Sue Melchiorre