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Mixed-Use Building Phase I ESA

Mixed-Use Building Phase I ESA

Mixed-Use Building Phase I ESA
Chicago, Illinois

The Challenge

A potential client approached Hanis Consulting to perform an expedited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).  The transaction was due to close in one week.  The original consultant that performed the Phase I recommended that a Phase II ESA be performed at a cost of $15,000.  The developer needed a second opinion due to the large price tag.

The Solution

Prior to preparing a proposal for a Phase II, Hanis Consulting reviewed the Phase I report.  It quickly became apparent that this $1,400 Phase I report did not meet the minimum standard for Phase I ESAs since a thorough review of the site history was not completed.  

The consultant had identified a historic “printing facility” at the site and was concerned that drums of inks and solvents may have leaked and contaminated the ground.  By reviewing city directories, which the consultant did not do, Hanis Consulting was able to determine that the “printing facility” was a card and gift shop.  Hanis Consulting immediately recommended to the potential client to perform a new Phase I ESA for the site.  The client agreed.

The Result

Since there were only a few days to complete the Phase I, the project was expedited.  The cost of the Phase I was $2,000 plus expedited rush fees.  Hanis Consulting ultimately determined that no recognized environmental conditions were present and that a Phase II was not necessary.  The client was able to close on-time.  Unfortunately, the client paid $1,400 for an improper Phase I and almost paid another $15,000 for an unnecessary Phase II.



Not only does Eric Hanis truly understands the area of environmental, but he is also able to present it in a way that a lay person would be able to comprehend. He is very thorough, thoughtful, and timely.

Amit Patel

Hanis consulting solved a sink hole problem at our church that many others weren’t able to find a solution for. They were professional, timely, and had expertise that helped them solve our problem for good. I would recommend them to anyone.

Mike Willis

Whenever I am representing a client on a commercial purchase or sale, I encourage them to use Hanis Consulting for their environmental analysis. I know that they will get an honest assessment of any issues and will be assured that if there are problems with the property, that Eric will approach the situation in a manner that will provide resolution. Resolving environmental problems can be extremely costly.
You want to make sure that you are dealing with someone who will approach the
situation with honesty and integrity. You can be confident that you will get that in dealing with Eric.

Erica Minchella, Attorney/President

Eric is a seasoned professional for any type of property requiring environmental assessment or remediation. He is reliable and qualified.

Joan Jacobs

Excellent work and service on a timely basis.

Sue Melchiorre