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Covid-19 and the Environmental Consulting Agency

Covid-19 and the Environmental Consulting Agency

How are we protecting our clients and staff?

Hanis Consulting is a small but mighty team, working from a strong foundation of values, including safety.

Over the last months, as we have been working to balance the needs of our clients with the needs presented by the novel coronavirus, we wanted to take a moment to outline our updated procedures.

As the environmental consulting industry is essential in assuring the protection of human health and the environment from pollutants in the soil, groundwater, soil vapor, and indoor/outdoor air, we know that it is equally important to protect human health as advised by the government from Covid-19. During fieldwork, this includes social distancing and proper PPE equipment. Whenever possible we are working through teleconference and communication to limit physical interaction with networks of people, which includes quarantining if/as recommended by the CDC. We are committed to flexing the muscles of protecting human lives in another way through these precautions, just as we do every day for our clients and their environment.

If you have questions about how you can work with us, or more specifications on how we are continuing to update our safety precautions as more information comes out from the government, please contact us now.

We look forward to hearing from you.